Higole launches a kickstarter for a compact HDMI 2.1 Android mini-PC-tablet hybrid

Android-based miniature PCs have existed for a while, but Higole recently announced an odd example that straddles multiple device classes with impressive media output capabilities. If its Kickstarter campaign succeeds, the GOLE 1 R could be a versatile compact hybrid system.

Shenzhen company Higole recently launched a Kickstarter campaign for an Android 12 mini-PC that includes, among other things, a touch screen and HDMI 2.1 output for playing Ultra HD media. With almost a month to go, the company plans to offer the device for around $350 if the campaign succeeds.

The 8K Ultra HD label on top of the GOLE 1 R’s 5.5-inch IPS touch screen in the Kickstarter page art is misleading, but the machine still boasts impressive media capabilities. Higole hasn’t revealed the screen’s resolution, but it isn’t 8K.

Instead, the 8K media-playing functionality the device boasts comes from its HDMI 2.1 output which lets it decode and play video at up to 8K on external displays. HDMI 2.1 is still relatively rare, especially for something not quite as diminutive as a smartphone.