British 20-year-old solves 6,931 Rubik’s cubes in 24 hours

A 20-year-old Rubik’s cube enthusiast in Britain broke a Guinness World Record by solving 6,931 of the puzzles in 24 hours.

George Scholey livestreamed his attempt from a London hotel room as he took on the record for most rotating puzzle cubes solved in 24 hours.

Scholey, whose attempt was timed to coincide with Guinness World Records Day, solved 6,931 cubes in 24 hours, breaking the record of 5,800, which was set by Eric Limeback of Canada in 2013.

Scholey is the reigning cubing champion in Britain and is ranked as one of the top-rated speedcubers in the world by the World Cube Association.

“The hardest part of the record was hitting the 12 hours mark,” Scholey told Guinness World Records. “I felt pretty drained and everyone else was so excited. They were celebrating, saying ‘You’re on mark to break the record.’ But then I was like, ‘It’s only 12 hours.'”

Scholey said he was disappointed to not make it to 7,000.

“Toward the end of the night I saw I was getting closer to 7,000, and I’m a bit annoyed I didn’t get that result. But that’s fine. I also took breaks, and it’s an attempt over 24 hours,” he said.