Deer crashes into school office in Wisconsin

A deer caused chaos at a Wisconsin school office when it jumped through a window into an office with two employees inside.

Pacelli Catholic Schools said the deer crashed through a window into the office shared by Director of Advancement Shawna Rhodes and Director of Marketing Jodi Napiwocki at the PCS Central Office in Stephens Point.

“I honestly thought it was an explosion,” Napiwocki told the Stephens Point Journal. “I didn’t know what it was; we didn’t see it coming.”

Napiwocki and Rhodes fled the office while the deer, which they described as a large buck, explored the room in an apparent search for an exit.

The deer made its way out of the office and into a hallway, eventually leaving the building through the front door.

“Thankfully no one was harmed, including the deer that showed itself out the front door,” PCS said in a Facebook post.